Hobbit Homes Bring Nature Back Home

Do you love the feeling that being out in nature provides? Enjoy the beauty and life of what is around you all from the comforts of your own home – your own hobbit home, that is. Now architects like Attie Jonker of Azzanarts are making fantasies into reality with the design and construction of hobbit homes. This latest building and housing craze combine the whimsical feelings of nature with the growing desire for many homeowners to downsize into tiny home concepts.

The beauty in the hobbit home concept is its simplicity to use a space’s existing landscape and build directly into them to maintain as much of the integrity of the greenspace while giving homeowners a unique feeling of living in and around nature. This type of design also gives people the ability to experience the tiny home trend, which looks to utilize every inch of space to minimize square footage and reduce a person’s environmental footprint. Since this type of structure is partially built into the landscape, it utilizes many resources that are eco-friendly, and uses less energy than traditional homes.

While many hobbit homes are on prominent display in New Zealand, which is where the trend began, there will be an exhibit right here in San Antonio at the Fall Home and Garden Show!

With this kid-sized, whimsical structure on display, architect Attie Jonker takes a backyard playhouse to a whole new level! Whether you are looking to make a big change in your living situation or just want to see this amazing display and the details on tiny home living, then make plans to come out this year to the San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show. Live like -- and play like a hobbit this year!
Sep 26, 2019, 12:05 PM