Sherwin Williams 2020 Color Palette

Your forecast is officially in! Sherwin Williams has just released its Colormix Forecast 2020, which introduces 45 trend-setting colors that will be sure to set your home or office apart and provide you with a new outlook on the year. These colors have been separated into five amazing palettes so you can decide for yourself the tone, feeling and joy each one can bring to you. See for yourself how each palette appeals to you!


Sherwin Williams describes this theme as an east meets west style. With soft, muted neutrals that shift from warm to cool tones, it embraces the simple and ordered elegance of Japanese  and Nordic aesthetics to create a calming environment. Use this palette to create a sanctuary at home that will spread a sense of serenity to you and all your guests!


Want that great mix of modernity with a unique boho vibe? Look no further than the Heart palette! This collection of colors looks to harmonize silky earth tones with fun pops of color to find that perfect balance. Get that modern design look and feel with a little bit of soul with this amazing palette.


Wake up the senses and give off a sense of positivity with this theme! With rich blues, vibrant oranges and ripe olive tones, there is a feeling of rejuvenation with these colors. Fill your space with optimism and authenticity, and get ready for a satisfying and comforting view on life!


Everyone loves to play and let loose a little, and this palette is no different. Filled with energetic, fun colors, the Play palette lets you add a little humor and warmth into your space, which is sure to spread to you and your guests. We all still have that little child in us that wants to have fun, so let them free and brighten up your space and soul with these amazing colors.


Your home should be your safe haven, so make sure you get a color to complement that goal with this palette! These colors were inspired by Earth’s seasonal cycles and geography to bring the beauty all around you into your space. From its simplicity, you can transport yourself and your space to other parts of the world and give your home the comfort and safety that comes with a haven.

Want to check these palettes and colors out for yourself? All these colors will be displayed front and center at the San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show! Make plans today to come out and see how these colors speak to you and can make 2020 a new and exciting year for you.

Sep 26, 2019, 12:03 PM