Dog Training Elite

Dog Training Elite
2411 NE Interstate 410 Loop #126
San Antonio TX
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We are a professional, family-owned dog training company with over 40 years of experience that specializes in strengthening the bond between your dog and your family, with a strong emphasis on teaching your dog the highest level of obedience, despite even the toughest level of distractions. Our unique in-home dog training model is designed to teach owners how to train their dog alongside a professional dog trainer in their home environment as well as in small group settings. We strongly believe that the key to sustained obedience is to empower owners to be an integral part of the training experience. Once you begin the training process with us, you become a part of the DTE family. Contact us for a free in-home evaluation.

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Sign up for your free in-home evaluation and sign a contract by March 30th to save 10% on a gold package or higher.

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Proud Sponsor of The Malinois Foundation

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