HGTV's Rico Leon

Rico León, the dynamic real estate and construction virtuoso and star of 2 Seasons of HGTV's Rico to the Rescue, Season 1  (and winner) of Battle on the Mountain, House Hunters, and a special hosted by Wendy Covey, boasts a stellar career with a portfolio surpassing $350 million. His expertise spans across a broad spectrum including real estate, construction, residential and commercial development, and roofing, marking him as a multifaceted industry leader.

Originating from the East Coast, Rico's journey took a pivotal turn in 2018 during a road trip to California. A serendipitous event unfolded when his car broke down in Denver, leading to an unexpected love affair with the city. This twist of fate prompted him to set roots there, embracing Denver as his new home. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, within a community rich in Puerto Rican heritage and characterized by a robust blue-collar ethos, Rico honed an unwavering work ethic and a drive for success. These early influences have been instrumental in shaping his professional trajectory, fueling his passion for tackling challenges and transforming them into triumphs in the construction realm.

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